Catpalace offers a very extensive choice of cat climbing furniture and therefore the perfect cat scratching posts. A Catpalace is known for its long life, sturdiness and excellent stability.

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A safe feeling

As a sensory-sensitive pet, the cat smells nature and that invites. A house cat is also a natural animal with its own instinct and character. Whether it’s a single European Shorthair, a heavy Maine Coon or even an entire family of Persians. Catpalace offers solid and above all stable housing.

This gives every cat a safe feeling and makes daily use of this wonderful piece of furniture. Can’t find your cat scratching post in the permanent range? Catpalace also supplies custom made ones. As a result, the cat scratching post always fits perfectly into your interior and becomes a piece of furniture instead of a simple boring cat scratching post or tree.

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Our cat scratching posts


Are you looking for a cat scratching post that is tailored to your interior? Catpalace makes custom cat scratching posts. Please let us know your preference for dimensions, colour, number of berths and upholstery so that we can make a suitable model that is fully tailored to your wishes. This makes your cat’s scratching post an eye-catcher in your house!

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